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Engagement Session in Nashville | Sarah and Kerry

Sarah and Kerry had big plans for our engagement session in Nashville at the beautiful Hatchland Hill venue. They’re having their wedding at the same location, and they booked me for both occasions! I’m so excited to be a part of their special day, especially after the winners we got this time!

This was Sarah and Kerry’s very first professional photo session. I can’t believe how well they did! These two are so down-to-earth, yet full of fun and excitement for their big day.

Touring the wedding venue was everything and more. As we explored the location, snapping photos along the way, Sarah and Kerry visualized their ceremony.

It was so special for them to walk some of the very steps they were about to take on their wedding day. I could just see them picturing their dream moments together. 

We also got to talk about all of the details surrounding their big day. I loved getting to know them as they warmed up to the camera! Their excitement was palpable during the entire shoot, and I was all for it!

Sarah and Kerry were so happy to celebrate their upcoming wedding with their families and friends. They love concerts and everything involving music, so I know that it’ll be the event of their lives!

I absolutely love being able to take my time with a couple at their wedding venue prior to the ceremony. This made their upcoming wedding so much easier! It gave me an opportunity to strategize how to shoot each location, as well as fine-tune my editing for each spot.

Hatchland Hill in Nashville, Tennessee was the perfect place for photos. The secluded property allowed for a variety of backgrounds without any distractions. I can’t wait to show how it looked during the wedding!

For their part, Sarah and Kerry were receptive to all of my posing ideas, unafraid to try new things. Kerry absolutely loved our motion prompts, and wanted to take many pictures that they could easily recreate on their wedding day.

Our engagement session in Nasville was out of this world! I can’t wait to share more from your wedding, Sarah and Kerry! It was a day to remember, and I’m just thrilled to capture these milestones for you! 

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