A Stunning Engagement Session | Kayla and Matt

Kayla and Matt are madly in love. I’m so excited to document their story as they take the next step with this stunning engagement session

We went straight to The Everlasting Pond in Watertown, Tennessee. This dream-like location was perfect for the couple!

The unique build up around the pond allowed me to be creative with the couple. Since they were higher than I was, we were able to capture wide shots that showcased the natural beauty of the venue. 

Kayla and Matt were hilarious! They cracked jokes about getting the bride on the seesaw on the wedding day. Before the session, they joked about practicing poses at home. If they did, I think they nailed it! But really, these two are so cute they probably don’t need the practice at all!

Since I’ll be taking their wedding photos at this very pond in October, we spoke a lot about what their wedding day would look like! How amazing will this place be in autumn colors!?

The couple showed interest in recreating this aerial-type photo of them looking out over a pond. That will be a must-have on their wedding day!

Kayla and Matt were open to trying fun prompts with movement, as well as poses that showed their authentic connection. 

We laughed and talked the entire time, and we had an instant connection. Honestly, this was a dream shoot!

I’m so excited to document your wedding in October, you two! I hope your special day goes just as smoothly as this stunning engagement session did. 

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