Anniversary Session in Nashville | Rebeka and Ben

Rebeka and Ben are two of my most long-standing clients! Not only did I get the pleasure to shoot their engagement and wedding, but they have also modeled for me for several wedding-styled shoots. This time, we celebrated their one-year milestone with an Anniversary Session in Nashville.

After their wedding, I learned that they live only a couple doors down from my best friend! Over the years, we have gotten to work together so many times that we were able to pick things up right where we left off. 

For this session, I joined the couple in their home, which was the perfect place for this shoot. They wanted cozy, calm, and authentic vibes to showcase their love and connection. It was awesome!

I always love shooting with these two! We chatted over coffee, danced in the kitchen, and played with their pet cat, who is totally the baby of the family. I love that we were able to include their kitty into the shoot without needing to worry about the cat’s safety like we would if this shoot happened at a strange park. 

In addition, Rebeka and Ben were so comfortable that they were able to act as if I wasn’t even there (which, let’s be honest, is a really hard thing to do!) Our friendship made the difference!

If you’re looking to book a cozy photo session at home, definitely take some tips from Rebeka and Ben! They picked out excellent wardrobe that went with their home decor, so it looked like they belonged in their space. 

Since they tried everything on beforehand, Rebeka and Ben were able to pinpoint the essence they wanted. It’s also a great idea to steam or iron your clothing choices beforehand! That way, everything is perfect on the day of the shoot.

They also had plenty of props prepared ahead of time! By washing their coffee mugs and choosing a few books, we were able to maximize our session time. We moved from one station to the next so smoothly that not a second was wasted.  

I love how intentional Rebeka and Ben were about choosing their props. Having props that were unique to them and their love story added an extra layer of magic to these photos. 

Rebeka and Ben, your at-home anniversary session in Nashville turned out amazing! All the effort you two put in really shows. This is such a golden time in your life, and I think that it’s so cool that you have these photos to remember this season of life! Thanks for being such loyal clients!

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