Destination Wedding in Whitwell | TJ and McKena Part 2

This is part two of McKena and TJ’s gorgeous destination wedding in Eastern Tennessee! The first part covered the morning preparations, so this time, I’ll be focusing on the amazing ceremony. 

Since many of their family and friends hadn’t met yet, this wedding was full of new introductions and forming new relationships. It was so cool to watch both sides of the family come together to form connections!

The ambiance was perfect. The natural scenery of the Mountain Willow Manor offered a simple yet classic design that allowed them to bring their vision to life! It suited them perfectly.

As expected, the ceremony was flawless. A soft breeze played with the decorations, which gave a whimsical movement to these photos. I can’t tell you how much I love this wedding!

The flower girls were adorable! They had the cutest accessories, and were full of smiles. They were so thrilled at the huge honor they were performing for McKena and TJ. 

Every detail was thought out, from the view that served as the ceremony’s backdrop to the bubble machine exit. TJ and Mckena were so cute! They couldn’t stop smiling during the ceremony.

As soon as the ceremony ended, a torrential downpour rained upon us. Although the rain came pretty fast, we were able to get everyone inside the manor or the reception space just as the thunderstorm came our way. 

As the guests began celebrating the newlyweds, we rearranged our plans. We knew that the clouds above wouldn’t stay the entire evening. Sure enough, the sun came back out, and we took the rest of our photos in the evening. 

Droplets dripped from the trees as McKena and TJ posed for their portraits. Since the sun was back out, they were more beautiful than ever! 

I can’t tell you how amazing it was to photograph your wedding in Whitwell! This gallery is hands-down one of my favorites. I wish you all the best as you enter this new stage of life together. Congratulations! Keep an eye out for part three: the reception!

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