Destination Wedding in Whitwell | TJ and McKena Part 3

This is part three of TJ and McKena’s fantastic destination wedding in Whitwell, Tennessee! Part one was all about getting ready, and part two focused on the stunning ceremony. For part three, I’ll be sharing some fantastic photos from the reception, which was the party of the year!

But before they could get the music pumping, we had to wait out a little rainstorm. The clouds came by just as we were finishing the ceremony, but we were able to get back inside the Mountain Willow Manor without much trouble. 

Some couples might have been disappointed about rain on their wedding day, but TJ and McKena just shrugged it off! I loved that despite this hiccup, all that mattered was celebrating together, no matter the weather.

In true form, the bridal party waited out the storm by playing karaoke in the main house! They didn’t let the fun vibe drop for a second. Everyone was goofing off and having fun!

The storm didn’t last long, and it was time for the reception! The bridal party planned fun entrances that gave a pop of personality to the gallery. This destination wedding in Whitwell was so full of expressive faces. These photos totally captured the vibe of the day!

TJ and McKena decorated the venue with multi-colored lights, which flashed and spun on the dance floor. This was the perfect way to add some life and color to the party while avoiding harsh coloring from a full uplighting set up. Needless to say, the dance floor was full the entire evening! The bride and groom truly danced the night away, partying their hearts out. 

Since the lights were so colorful, the rest of the decor was mixed with neutral and natural elements with personalized touches like wine bottles with their name and wedding date, as well as individual trail mixes for guest favors!

So much love surrounded this couple. I could feel it with everyone there! The family members of the couple even served the guests at the dinner buffet, and everyone had the best time talking and catching up.

TJ and McKena’s vision totally shined through, right down to the wedding cake! The funfetti cake added so much spunk to the party. This made for adorably authentic photos. Just look at how perfect they are!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your wedding gallery, you two! It was so much fun to capture your precious memories. I’m so proud of how these photos turned out. I wish you both all happiness as you take the next step in your relationship!

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