Engagement Session at Arlington Gardens | George and Romana | Pasadena, CA

Ever since George and Romana got engaged at Big Sur, they have been counting down the days until their wedding in May. To commemorate this exciting milestone, they booked me for an engagement session at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena, CA! 

Arlington Gardens is such a gorgeous location, especially on account of the wishing trees! Guests can write wishes or intentions on paper, and then place them on the branches of the trees. 

There were so many gorgeous wishes and hopes for the future poked onto the branches. Some were funny, others were sweet and sentimental. While we explored the garden, it almost felt like we were standing on sacred ground. 

Romana and George wrote wishes and intentions for their wedding and married life, which added such a personal touch to their engagement session. I’m so glad that they brought me along!

They loved these trees so much that they just might include wish trees at their wedding! I don’t blame them, it’s such a cool idea. Not only did we get a variety of candid poses, but a special act like this helped to tell their love story. 

I can just imagine the guests at their wedding leaving all sorts of hopes and prayers and thoughts for them as they step into this new season of life together. How fun would it be to read all of those kind words after the big day!

Romana and George were so easy going. During the shoot, it was clear to me that they were made for each other. Their bond was so natural that their love shined through in every photo!

They were open to trying all of my poses and prompts, and above all, interacting with the wishing trees. What an awesome place to have an engagement session! 

If you’re a couple looking for a great location for a photoshoot, I can’t recommend this place enough. It would be a crime not to come here if you live near the Pasadena area, or even Los Angeles! You can’t go wrong with Arlington Gardens, I can promise you that.

Romana and George, I had such an amazing time with you at your engagement session! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I wish you both the very best!

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