Engagement Session at Pasadena City Hall | Romana and George | Pasadena, CA

Engagement Session at Pasadena City Hall | Romana and George | Pasadena, CA

This engagement session at Pasadena City Hall was out of this world! If you recognize George and Romana from last week’s post, you’d be right. I loved my engagement session with them so much that I couldn’t resist sharing more photos of these adorable lovebirds!

The next leg of our session brought us to the beautiful buildings of Pasadena City Hall. It was such an amazing spot to take couple photos. George and Romana killed it!  

Since the city hall was so close to the Arlington Gardens, we didn’t waste any time in traffic trying to get there. That practically gave us all the time in the world!

The weather was absolutely perfect for taking stunning photos, and we weren’t the only ones who thought so! It was a bit crowded at the city hall, but luckily we were in no rush so we could use each location on the property and get the shots we wanted.

Engagement Session at Pasadena City Hall | Romana and George | Pasadena, CA

Sometimes, that meant waiting a minute or two for somebody to move, but mostly it meant finding little alcoves amongst the architecture to create the illusion of a secluded environment. 

At this part of the session, George and Romana exchanged their casual jeans from the Arlington Gardens to sleek black and white, and BAM! Just like that, these photos look so sophisticated! 

By switching up their outfits, George and Romana gave the impression of doing two different photoshoots entirely! This gave their session so much variety and style. 

Their outfits were absolutely perfect for an engagement session at Pasadena City Hall. I adore the architecture of these buildings, and dressing up for them gave the whole session an elevated feel. 

It’s so amazing to start traveling for shoots. I’ve been wanting to expand my photography reach to Southern California for a long time now, so this session with George and Romana was a dream come true! 

I’m so in love with each and every photo, you two! Thanks for booking me to tell your love story. I loved every single second, and I wish you many congratulations on your engagement.

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