Engagement Session at Taco Bell

a couple shares a meal at a booth in a Los Angeles Taco Bell during their engagement photo session with Los Angeles Based Photographer Photos By Victoria Smith

A Unique Engagement Session

When it comes to my couples, I never want to deliver the same gallery twice. I am a firm believer that your images should be as unique as your love story. When you look at your images, of course I want you to think that the images are beautiful and your photographer nailed it (insert hair flip emoji), but more importantly, I want you to remember the experience. This being said, I am obsessed with incorporating elements of YOU into your gallery.

Okay, great. Did you say a Taco Bell engagement session?

Now for the reason we are all here, an engagement session at Taco Bell! When Heather shared her idea for her and Andy’s engagement session, I was completely obsessed. I mean…can we talk about how nostalgic the whole vibe is? From the colors to the interior, this is such a vision! We went through a few Taco Bell locations and landed on this Los Angeles location due to its spacious interior and an outdoor space for variety.

a couple shares a meal during an engagement session at taco bell with los angeles based photographer photos by victoria smith

The couple sits at a taco bell table and enjoys a fast food lunch in a booth at taco bell in Los Angeles

Heather and Andy shared popular menu items like Baja Blast, tacos, and a crunch-wrap. These menu items were the best props! They were able to interact and “pose” in ways that were natural and fun. For me, the goal of this gallery was to capture these two as if I was a friend on a lunch date with them, or someone looking on from within the restaurant (in the least creeper way possible).

The couple sits at a taco bell table and enjoys a fast food lunch in a booth at taco bell in Los Angeles

After shooting inside for a bit, we went outside to enjoy the amazing Los Angeles weather, and take advantage of the sunny skies.

The other guests eating inside were absolutely in love with Heather and Andy (can you blame them?). Shooting in such a public place, you have to hope for the best when it comes to others who may be enjoying a lunch of their own, but everyone was hyping us up and chatting to us about what we were doing.

Look at them walking out….I cannot handle it!

The couple sits at a taco bell table and enjoys a fast food lunch in the grass at taco bell in Los Angeles

We had just as much fun outside as we did inside. From sharing bites of food to piggy back rides, we were able to use a lot of posing prompts that I incorporate into all of my other sessions to give it what I like to think is my signature look, a gallery that is artistic yet authentic.

How do I book a unique engagement session like this?

If you want to have an engagement session gallery that is truly unique to you, consider the following:

  • What is important to you as a couple?
  • What vibe do you want your pictures to have? Fun, romantic, playful?
  • What are locations you visit together? Do you enjoy movies? Have a favorite sports team? It doesn’t have to include food.

Once you have thought through what is meaningful to you and what your expectations for your gallery are, speak with your photographer! For my clients, I utilize a questionnaire and a guide to help you craft your session to be uniquely and perfectly you. If you have some ideas floating around and want to start the conversation, you can reach me here.

a couple shares a snack at a los angeles taco bell during a fun engagement session

Stick around so that you do not miss when I share more from this Los Angeles Engagement session! I will leave you with a few more of my favorites.

Talk soon!


a couple poses outside of a Los Angeles Taco bell during an engagement session

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