Excellent Elopement | Payton and Brandon Armstrong

At Rural Hill Farm, right outside of Nashville, Tennessee, two lovebirds joined me for an excellent elopement session! 

Payton and Brandon Armstrong are already married, but they jumped at the chance to repurpose their wedding attire when one of their friends, Emily Kimball, asked them to model for her wedding planner business. I’ll be shooting a wedding with Emily in 2023!

We had plenty of help! Megs Beachy Hair took care of our hair styling needs, The Icing Bowl provided a gorgeous cake, Shore Thing Stationery took care of the vow books. With so many amazing vendors involved, our session went off without a hitch!

Payton and Brandon loved being outside and showcasing their outdoorsy nature. We spent a good amount of time by the beautiful A-frame chalet, lit by Fadds Events

Carefree and full of life, Payton and Brandon were perfect in every way. Emily definitely picked the right models! Every single photo was swoon-worthy.

Everything turned out so dreamy that you’d never know we used a golf cart to avoid the mud and dirt! We found plenty of stones, dry patches of grass, and bridges to suit our needs.

The couple was super flexible. They said yes to everything with a smile! There was nothing that this pair wasn’t willing to do, even spinning or running!

For this session, we focused primarily on candid and loosely posed images to display the deep connection and personalities of the couple. 

This elopement session was a dream. I would love to do more of them in the future! If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to me through my contact form!

Many thanks to everyone who made this elopement session excellent! It was so much fun. Payton and Brandon, I hope you love your photos as much as I do!

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