Holiday Mini Session | Alyssa and Nate

Holiday Mini Session Christmas Couple Photos Victoria Smith Photography

I can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit when I start booking Holiday Mini Sessions! This year was so much fun. Alyssa and Nate brought so much holiday cheer right to our session, and I couldn’t have been more pleased!

Alyssa and Nate are such wonderful people! Over the years, they have participated in multiple couples sessions for various holidays and events. In addition to that, I’ve been friends with Alyssa since our sorority days!

They brought their adorable pup, Maggie, to the holiday mini session. She was so excited to play in a new area, so we had to chase her down a couple times, but it added so much movement to some of the photos!

Holiday Mini Photo Session Victoria Smith Photography

In the end, we allowed her to play in the trees, so it all turned out for the best. She had a blast!

I always recommend that you choose comfortable clothing for your sessions. That doesn’t mean you have to wear jeans and a t-shirt, although you absolutely can. By all means, go for the new and sparkly dress you’ve been dying to wear, but make sure that you won’t be uncomfortable or in pain. 

Holiday Mini Session Christmas Couple Photos Victoria Smith Photography

Alyssa and Nate did a great job with this! They balanced their bold color choices with the a solid dress. It was so unique, yet well done. The red and black isn’t distracting at all against the sunset colors, so I am in love!

If you want to include a pop of color, consider the outfits of the other members of your session. This red jacket was a perfect addition without being over-the-top.

Holiday Mini Session Christmas Couple Photos Victoria Smith Photography

As always, Alyssa and Nate were so enthusiastic while engaging with my prompts. I like prompts a lot more than poses, because it puts the couple in a more natural state. With candid moments like these, it was easy to show off the couple’s authentic connection. 

And boy, did these two have some chemistry! Alyssa and Nate gave this holiday mini session their all, and I can’t be more proud of them! 

Thanks for participating in my Holiday Mini Sessions, you two! I’m so impressed with how well we captured your joy and love for each other. Enjoy your photos!

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