Laguna Beach Photography Session

How can I book a photography session in Laguna Beach?

greenery at picnic beach in Laguna

The laguna area has several locations that are perfect for engagement, couples, or family sessions. In this blog I will share some location options as well as the permitting process for gaining access to these Laguna beaches.

Booking a session in the Laguna beach area is simple! To start the process, head to my contact page here. I will follow up within 48 hours to confirm availability and to learn more about the vision for your session. If you are curious about what the Laguna area has to offer for your session, keep reading!

Do I need a permit to have a session at a Laguna Beach?

Rule follower to the extreme here! I file for and obtain all necessary permits to ensure your session goes smoothly. No one wants to get issued a citation or have their session interrupted! Permits are required in most locations in the city of Laguna, but not to worry, this is an easy process your photographer will take care of!

If you are booking a session with me within the city of Laguna, I will file all necessary documents and work to secure your requested date. Permitting fees for Laguna are built into your session cost, and do not require anything additional on your end.

Where can I have a photoshoot in the Laguna area?

Please note that all information listed is current as of the time this blog was written. For any updates or added information, the City of Laguna website a good resource.

The current list of locations that I service in the city of Laguna are:

□ Crescent Bay Beach
□ Crescent Bay Park
□ Shaw’s Cove
□ Fisherman’s Cove
□ Diver’s Cove
□ Picnic Beach
□ Rockpile Beach
□ N. Main Beach
□ Gazebo
□ Green Grass above Rockpile
□ Monument Point
□ Green Grass at Trio Beach

□ Main Beach
□ Main Beach Park
□ Alta Laguna Park
□ TOW Park
□ Sleepy Hollow Beach
□ St. Ann’s Beach
□ Thalia Street Beach
□ Oak Street Beach
□ Brooks Street Beach
□ Bluebird Canyon Beach
□ Bluebird Park
□ Pearl Street Beach

□ Woods Cove Beach
□ Ruby Street Park
□ Moss Point Beach
□ Moulton Meadows Park
□ Victoria Beach-Excludes Pirates Tower
□ Treasure Island Park
□ Treasure Island Beach
□ Aliso Beach
□ West Street Beach
□ Table Rock Beach
□ Thousand Steps Beach

As you can see, there are so many locations to select from! If you are one to hate decision making, please do not let this list deter you! Once we start talking about the vision you have for your session, I will begin to narrow down locations and share with you the ones that best fit your needs.

Why should I have a Laguna Beach photography session?

I love shooting in Laguna for many reasons! The beaches are stunning and photography beautifully. I find that my couples have a good variety of looks in their gallery due to the different varieties of greenery, rocky formations, and beach options that can be found in the area.

The weather is hard to beat.

The lighting is absolute perfection. The images from this gallery were taken just before golden hour, and we were able to grab bold colors while embracing the change into softer, more golden light with ease.

a couple holds hands and poses on a beach in laguna, california during an engagement session

Book a Laguna Beach Photography Session

Ready to start planning your own photography session in the City of Laguna? Head to my contact page and share allllllll the details. I cannot wait to plan with you!

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