Using a travel agent when planning a destination wedding

Travel Agents and Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding can be stressful, we get it! However, if you are looking to plan a destination wedding, a travel agent may be able to help with some of your biggest pain points. Today we are sharing insight from Alyssa Tobin, a travel agent and 2023 bride currently planning her own destination wedding.

Alyssa actually handled all of my travel needs when I attended a recent workshop in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. From the hotel booking to tips on what to do in the area, she allowed me to focus on prepping for the shoots rather than dealing with trip logistics. Prior to Alyssa, I had never used a travel agent, and I really was not too knowledgable on the process! Alyssa chatted with us about some of the basics when it comes to using a travel agent. Read on to hear more from her!

What made you want to become a travel agent?

I love anything and everything travel related! My fiancé and I take several trips a month and I wanted to share my knowledge and help others too.

What does it cost to use a travel agent?

The best part of using a travel agent is that it is completely free! You never have to pay for service from me because I receive my commission from the hotels and resorts.

What can a travel agent book for me? 

We can book any and everything! A travel agent can book theme park trips like Disney, cruises, regular vacations, honeymoons, work trips, all inclusive resorts, and weddings!

What are the benefits of using a Travel Agent?

There are lots of benefits of using a travel agent! A lot of the time the bookings are cheaper if you use a travel agent. Other times you can get added perks like room upgrades, resort credits, and more! Every hotel, cruise, or resort offers different incentives for using a travel agent.

Why should I use a travel agent for my wedding related travels?

Using a travel agent for you wedding related travels as a bride or a photographer takes one less stress off of you. I am able to book room blocks for your wedding to be able to ensure rooms are reserved for your guests.

What are your favorite kind of trips to plan?

My favorite types of trips to plan are all inclusive trips. Sometimes these can be tricky for people trying to figure out transports from the airport and all the benefits that the resorts offer.

What does the booking/consultation process look like?

When I get a request for a consultation I schedule a zoom call to be able to know more about your trip and what you are planning for. I then normally find several different options and send them over to you with an estimated price. Once we narrow it down I reach out to each one to see what they can offer as incentives and pricing!

Where can people find you to follow you and book you? Websites, contacts, socials?

You can follow us at QuastforTravel on Instagram!

If you are in the process of planning a destination wedding and want to have support with the logistics, we cannot recommend chatting with Alyssa enough!

If you are looking to book your photography package for your destination wedding, you can reach us on our contact page.

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