SoCal Couples Session at Newport Beach | Tyler and Grace

Tyler and Grace met at Cal Poly and were recently married. When they booked me for a SoCal couples session at Newport Beach, California, I was so excited for the change of scenery! 

This session was full of experimentation, and Tyler and Grace were all for it. They were open to candid posing, posing with movements, and anything I could dream up. What ideal clients!

We even tried a few brand-new poses that I’ve never used previously, such as playing tag. They gave it their all for each pose, and it really shows! 

We had so much fun, venturing through a park to find secluded, open areas to incorporate fun poses and movements. Their smiles were the best!

They enjoyed this session so much, you can really tell in final result. The photos turned out so dreamy and perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Another different thing about this session was that we shot in full-sun rather than during golden hour or a shaded area. This allowed me to work with new camera settings and try a new way of editing! 

Newport Beach was the perfect location for a SoCal couples session! Tyler and Grace loved playing in the sand and waves, and they created so many fantastic organic moments on their own.

I loved how their neutral outfits blended in with the scenery. Their clothing choices made it easy to incorporate movement poses! Although they were styled, they were comfortable, and that helped make the session look and feel natural. 

Tyler and Grace are so fun, loving, and full of excitement and energy! Newlyweds are always so sweet, but these two lovebirds took it to the next level. They’re so cute!

I would love to start booking more clients in beautiful CA. If you’re in the SoCal area, know that you’re not too far to book me like Tyler and Grace did! Congratulations, you two. I wish you the very best of married life!

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