Wedding Bliss at Cedars of Lebanon | Ben and Rebeka

Ben and Rebeka are hands-down the nicest people I have ever met! They have such a love for their families and friends, and that was an obvious focal point of their wedding bliss.

The event took place at the Cedars of Lebanon State Park, which is just outside of Nashville. The park is named after the eastern red cedar trees that are found all throughout the park!

I was able to come and hang out at their rehearsal, which gave me the opportunity to scout out good photo locations for the wedding. 

Since I also photographed Ben and Rebeka for their engagement session, it was an absolute thrill to do their wedding, too! 

They have become great friends of mine, so I was so excited to meet their families. It was so much fun!

On the day of the wedding, the weather wasn’t all too kind, but we still managed to take some photos outside! The report showed a potential rainstorm, so the couple pushed the wedding inside instead of outside. The vendors quickly flipped the space and brought everything indoors.

Ben and Rebeka were so easy-going about the whole thing! They were laid back the entire day, except when planning their details! Their colors, outfits, and decor were perfect. 

During the unity ceremony, the couple potted a plant together. What a sweet idea! Just like the plant, their wedding bliss will grow even deeper as time passes. 

The reception was beautiful, too! Unconventionally, the couple opted for a crumble cookie as opposed to a cake. 

I was so impressed with you both, Ben and Rebeka! I love your carefree perspectives. Wishing you the very best in your new life together!

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