Wedding First Look | Stacy and Gasper | Franklin, TN

Wedding first look victoria smith photography

Do you hear wedding bells? I certainly do! Stacy and Gasper’s gorgeous wedding in Franklin, Tennessee, was one of the prettiest weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph! That’s why I’m splitting up this wedding into three parts: the first look, the ceremony, and the reception! 

Wedding first look victoria smith photography

Stacy and Gasper are related to Edgar and Veronica, whose wedding I photographed not too long ago! It was so special to see them again and to capture the anticipation as Stacy got ready for the vows to come. 

Our beautiful couple had plenty of family in the area, so they used their families’ properties to get ready for the ceremony! It was such a personal touch for the couple to get ready in spaces that meant so much to them. I highly recommend it!

When I stopped by to snap some photos of Stacy, she had all of her details ready. I had so much fun arranging these detail shots! She included some fun items like the rings, her cute bridal slippers, and even her perfume! 

Having these photos to look back on will be such a treasure. It’ll make this day that much more memorable. 

After the two were all dressed up, we peeked outside, only to find out that it was raining! This meant that we couldn’t capture the couple’s first look in our original location, but we switched to the covered porch instead. 

It turned out absolutely stunning! Sometimes rain can be a blessing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had these amazing photos!

Wedding first look victoria smith photography

The couple didn’t care where they were. This moment was theirs—and not even a camera could distract them from this moment. Smiling from ear to ear, the two were so happy to finally be getting married! This first look was so precious to witness.

I absolutely love photographing weddings! I can’t wait to show more photos from your wedding, Stacy and Gasper! As I mentioned, stay tune for parts two and three! 

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